Web Design / Scripting

We can design a web site to advertise your busines, and help submit it to search engines from as little as $100. Provide us with some graphics (e.g. a print brochure) and a small description of your business - we can do the rest. Of course, if you desire a more interactive site, this is possible too.

Banner Design

We can design a banner from print material - alternatively we can custom create logos from scratch. These banners could be used in your pages or as adverts on others.

Web Testing

We can provide a web testing service. Testing for missing links, spelling, grammar, pictures, javascript, style sheets and overall feel of the page. For a full, thorough assessment then consider testing your page for accessibility to the disabled. We can test across a range of browsers.

Accessibility Testing

With computers increasingly becoming used by the disabled, you may be losing a valuable market. It is easier to make web pages accessible at the design stage - we will be providing some pointers as to how to make web pages acessible soon. Even so, it is worth using our specialist knowledge of software and requirements for a full appraisal.

Click here for more on accessibility testing.

Implementation Consultancy

Computers can be a daunting prospect - we can provide an impartial view of the hardware and software you require to run a small business. Meanwhile, we can help fix computer problems or do training on the internet or other software packages.