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Terms and Conditions

We would like to keep everything friendly - but for the protection of yourself and others using our servers, you are required to read and understand these terms and conditions before requesting hosting. If you are not sure any anything, please drop us a line and we can discuss your concerns.


You are responsible for choosing any secure password(s) and ensuring that they are used responsibly. It is advisable to change them on a regular basis. If you suspect a password is known by others, please contact us immediately.

You are ultimately responsible for anything on your website or sent by e-mail through your account.

It is advisable to maintain your own backups.

Useage limits

The usage limits as specified in the plan are not rigidly enforced. If you believe you are likely to exceed your limits, please let us know in advance so that alternative arrangements may be made. Should you exceed your limits and fail to respond to e-mails, we may prevent traffic from visiting your site.

You have access to internet logs and error logs to verify any data. You are required to clear down your internet logs daily (this can be automated).

Fair usage

As your website server is shared by others, any script or process that places an undue strain on the server may be deleted without notice. Please ensure scripts are secure - should you use publicly available scripts, check for security updates regularly and apply patches as required. For non-urgent cases, we will always attempt to contact you before disabling any dangerous scripts. Of particular note, Matt's Formmail script is banned through its lack of security and wide availablility of secure alternatives.

The server is not designed for mass mailing - please limit mailouts to a reasonable number, and send in batches. You will get better performance using your ISP's SMTP server.

Carcking Egg Web Services reserve the right to refuse any request for hosting. We may also withdraw hosting services at any time and refund any money (provided that no terms and conditions have been broken).

Payment terms

Payment will be required before setting up any hosting or domain names. If you are unhappy with the services at Cracking Egg, any money may be refunded up to 30 days after the hosting is started. This refund policy does not apply to the costs of purchasing domain names, to a second or subsequent site for a single account holder, or to additionally agreed services such as designing websites, banners or similar. Where a domain name has been purchsed as part of the service a charge of $20 will be applied, however you will own the domain name and are thus free to transfer it as you wish.

Any account not paid may have their domain terminated. After a period, that domain may be deleted and any data lost.

Full annual payment must be received before any domain names are purchased or renewed. It is advisable to renew domain names a couple of weeks in advance of expiry.

Amounts are displayed in US$. Payment options are currently PayPal (US Dollars) and personal cheque (Candian dollars, Australian Dollars, UK Pounds Sterling). It is hoped to set up credit card payments soon.

Copyrighted Works, Offensive Material and SPAM abuse

Any demand to remove copyrighted works from the server will be met, unless you are able to produce written evidence that you are allowed to use such material. The server is not to be used for hosting banned material, hate mail, mass mailings or any other material likely to be considered offensive. Such material may be removed immediately, however we will normally try to contact you before taking any action.

Accounts used for sending unsolicited junk e-mails (SPAM) will be suspended immediately and all payments forfeited.

Referral Policy

The nominated account will receive a credit to the value of 10% of the paid hosting costs for any domains hosted with Cracking Egg Services where the account holder for the new domain has indicated that the nomitated account holder referred them to Cracking Egg Web Services. Account holders can nominate themselves as referree for second and subsequent domains.

Credit will only be given where the owner of the new domain has nominated the nominated account holder as the referer at (or before) the time of order. In case of multiple claims to one credit, a) the account holder nominated with the order will take precidence, b) the first account holder received will take precidence. No credit can be split beftween multiple accounts.

Referral credits are non-transferrable to another account. Should the account end, any unused credits are forfeit.

For new domains accounts, credits will be applied 30 days after payment is received. For all other accounts, credits will be applied immediately payment is received.

Applicable credits will be calculated at the next payment cycle. Only the costs of hosting can be reduced by credits. Credits can not be used against domain name purchases or other services.

The maximum value of any credits is equal to the balance outstanding on any hosting at the payment due date. Any unused credits are forfeit.

Additional Services

Any additional services, such as banner design and website design, will be negotiated at the time they are requested.