Referral Policy

We would like to thanks you for telling your friends about the services you receive.

For each new domain hosted at Cracking Egg Web Services, you will receive 10% of the value of their purchase towards your subsequent hosting bills.

You can even nominate yourself as referee for your second and susequent domains - effectively get 10% off any new hosting.

For example: You pay for a Hobbyist package at $7.95 per month. You convince your boss that a company website would be a good idea and he signs for the corporate plan. Meanwhile, your social club and your gym have each decided a small business website would be a good idea to attract new clients. The effect is that your hosting is already half-price, and will stay that way for the future.

Attract a few friends to the world of the Internet, and your hosting could be completely free - and without pop-up ads or other restrictions as placed by other free hosts.

Same benefits, same service. Just less cost.

Terms and Conditions apply.