Hosting Services

Cracking Egg Web Services can host your website at a very reasonable cost. Our top-quality servers are provided by a reputable supplier with one of the most responsive support teams in the world. We will host your site, whilst shielding you from the technicalities involved.

Hosting Plans

We have a range of plans to suit any requirements - we can find a solution to fit both your needs, your technical skills and your budget.

All our hosting includes free setup, a thirty-day money back guarantee, webmail (e-mail you can access from any Internet connection) and regular statistics. You can customise your own error pages and mail. This is your hosting - we will never make your site push our adverts, guaranteed.

Free Hosting

Through our referral program we would like to thank-you for passing on the news about Cracking Egg Web Services. If you refer a friend and they host a domain through us, you receive 10% off your next bill. Refer ten friends and your own hosting could be free - and this continues for as long as your friends stay connected. Terms and Conditions apply.

And still NO adverts.

Domain Names

If you do not have a domain name, we can purchase one on your behalf. Unlike some other hosts, you will own the domain. Alternatively, for the technically minded, we will even help you set up your own account with an Internet Registrar if you want to have complete control. This is one of several services we can offer.