Cracking Egg Web Services have a friendly and relaxed attitude to helping small businesses to use the Internet. There is a huge number of potential customers that use computers to shop, research or even buy pizza - but the thought of the Internet can be daunting to small businesses. These clients are reachable, potentially for less than the cost of one pizza!

Ask how - you may be surprised at how easy it really is.


Hosting - Want to make a presence on the internet? It's cheaper and easier than you think. From only $4.95 per month you can advertise your services to the world. We can help with all the information you need on how to join the Information Age.

Projects - Want to create a website? Want to drum up extra business? We can help design a site or custom project to give your customers the information they need, easily and quietly, when they want it 24 hours a day.

Testing - Want to reach out to more customers? The Internet is open to the blind and vision impaired - but is your site accessible to them? We have specialist knowledge of technologies and issues used by the handicapped and can help you reach those extra customers.

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